New Builds

Whether you're embarking on a residential new build project, Scale4 is your trusted partner for smooth and successful execution.

From obtaining the necessary permissions to working with architects, building surveyors, and council planning officers, we ensure a seamless process without delays.

Share your architectural drawings and permissions with us, and witness your dream becoming a reality.

New build

From Concept to Concrete Plans

Navigating feasibility and intricate planning.

At Scale4, our mission is to turn your vision into a tangible project with prompt pricing and time scale estimates. we'll provide expert guidance on feasibility and offer assistance with intricate planning if required.

When others say it's impossible, rest assured, Scale4 is prepared to find solutions!

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We highly recommend getting in touch from the outset. Our experienced team can provide valuable advice, help you plan your project effectively, and offer estimated costs and timelines. For further details, kindly use the contact tab to submit your inquiry, or feel free to call us directly at 07565 763426

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